Unveiling the Mystery: Why Hyundai Cars Are a Target for Thieves

Hyundai’s growing popularity in the automotive market has inadvertently made them a prime target for thieves seeking high-demand vehicles.

Info graphic for why Hyundai cars are often targeted
Why Hyundai Cars are a target for thieves

2: Resale Value Allure

The resale value of Hyundai cars is often lucrative, prompting thieves to target these vehicles for quick profits.

3:Features, Advanced Challenges

The advanced features and technology in Hyundai cars make them attractive targets for thieves equipped with the skills to bypass modern security systems.

4:Supply and Demand Dynamics

The demand for Hyundai parts in the black market has surged, creating a lucrative market for stolen vehicles and parts, driving theft rates higher.

5:Regional Hotspots

Certain regions experience higher rates of Hyundai theft due to factors such as demand for specific models, lax security measures, or organized crime involvement.

6:Keyless Entry Vulnerabilities

Hyundai’s keyless entry systems, while convenient for owners, pose vulnerabilities that tech-savvy thieves exploit, contributing to the rise in theft incidents.

7:Chop Shops and Export schemes

Hyundai cars are often targeted for their parts, with stolen vehicles dismantled in chop shops or shipped abroad, making recovery difficult.

8:Limited Security Features in Older Models

Older Hyundai models may lack the robust security features found in newer cars, making them easier targets for theft.

9: Inadequate Parking Security

Insufficient security measures in parking areas contribute to the vulnerability of Hyundai vehicles.

10:Community Awareness and Vigilance

Raising awareness among Hyundai owners about theft risks and encouraging community vigilance can play a crucial role.

The solution

In February 2023, Hyundai and Kia announced a software update that would add an immobilizer feature to the affected models.

The update is free of charge and can be done at authorized dealerships or by the owners themselves using a USB drive and a computer.

However, the software update has not solved the problem completely.

Some owners have reported that the update did not work or caused other issues with their cars.

Some thieves have also found ways to bypass the update or target older models that are not eligible for the update.


In the face of rising Hyundai thefts, understanding the motivations behind these crimes is essential.

Implementing enhanced security measures, staying informed about regional hotspots, and fostering a sense of community vigilance.

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