Hyundai Oil Consumption Recall – How to do Oil consumption test on your Hyundai and seek help

Hyundai Oil Consumption Recall – How to do an Oil consumption test on your Hyundai and seek help.

Many Hyundai owners have been troubled by excessive oil consumption problems in over 20 Hyundai models.

Despite these issues causing frustration, Hyundai’s attempts to fix them have fallen short.

If you’re facing similar problems, here’s what you should know.

photo mechanic changing engine oil on car vehicle
Photo of mechanic changing engine oil on car vehicle – Image by aleksandarlittlewolf on Freepik

Hyundai Oil Consumption Problems

Owners of affected Hyundai models report costly issues such as premature wear, oil leaks, engine stalling, or complete breakdown.

The defects causing these problems are linked to the Nu, Lambda, Kappa, and Theta engines in more than 20 models.

Hyundai Excessive Oil Consumption Lawsuit

Unhappy owners took action by filing a class action lawsuit in California in April 2022.

They believe Hyundai should issue a recall and compensate them.

Some plaintiffs include Catherine Little, Anna Chumra, Michelle Smith, Bryan Rothmaller, and David Cho, who experienced high maintenance costs due to frequent oil refills.”

Hyundai Excessive Oil Consumption Affected Models

Several Hyundai and Kia models are affected, including the Hyundai Venue, Sonata Hybrid, Veloster, Santa Fe, Elantra, Palisade, Tucson, Kia Forte, Rio, Stinger, and others.

Dangers of DIY Solutions

Some owners attempt to solve the issue by adding more oil, but this can lead to serious problems:

  • Foaming oil on the crankshaft, reducing lubrication.
  • Strain and damage to engine gaskets.
  • Oil leakage from unexpected points.
  • Damage to combustion and exhaust systems.

Hyundai’s Handling

Owners criticize Hyundai for not providing service without maintenance records, failing to warn about excessive oil consumption, and not offering maintenance beyond warranty terms.

No reimbursements are given for out-of-pocket repairs.

Relief Sought by Owners

Affected owners want Hyundai and Kia to recall and permanently fix the problem.

Without a recall, owners endure long ‘oil consumption tests’ and delays in getting replacement parts, which may not solve the initial problem.

Oil consumption test Hyundai

If you suspect oil issues in your Hyundai, look for these signs:

  • Blue smoke while driving, indicating oil leakage.
  • Oil droplets in the exhaust pipe due to worn valve guides.
  • Carbon deposits on engine spark plugs, showing oil seepage into the combustion chamber.

Seeking Legal Help

If you’re dealing with these issues, consider speaking to an attorney.

They can provide relief, offering a quicker path to justice.

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