From Pocket to Dashboard: Connecting Your Phone to Hyundai

When behind the wheel of a new Hyundai Santa Fe or Hyundai Tucson, numerous advantages await.

These include attractive exterior design, spacious cabin interiors, and the assurance of America’s top-notch warranty.

Another noteworthy perk is the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, providing you with enhanced connectivity.

Let’s delve into the fundamentals of making this connection, beginning with the process for an Android phone.

Android Auto

An image of a connection between an Android phone and a Hyundai car
Connection between an Android phone and a Hyundai car
Photo: Arena Es

Step #1: Disconnect Bluetooth devices

Start your Hyundai and go to the screen with all the buttons.

Find and press the one that says “Phone.” It will start connecting automatically.

If you see other devices that were connected before, press “Add New.”

The default name should be your Hyundai’s name.

Step #2: Search for a new device

Take out your phone and go to the Bluetooth settings.

Tap on “Search for a new device.”

Allow the registration on your Android phone and type in the passkey if needed.

You might get a message asking for access to your contacts and call history.

It’s your choice to allow or deny, but if you want to listen to messages in your Hyundai, you need to allow it. Also, make sure to check the box that says “Message Box Check-In.”

That’s the next step.

Step #3: Select the “Message Box Check-In”

Here’s how to do it: touch the bottom right corner of the screen and tap on the “Setup” icon.

From there, choose “Device Connections” and then go to “Message Settings.”

After following these steps, your Android device will be connected to your Hyundai through Bluetooth, and you’re all set to use your device in the car.

How Do I Use Google Maps Through Android Auto™?

To start, tap on the navigation icon to open Google Maps.

This app not only gives you step-by-step directions but also includes real-time traffic updates and estimated travel times.

Within Google Maps, you can input your destination either manually or through voice commands.

For example, when you say “gas stations” while using the Talk to Google feature, it will instantly display the closest gas stations in your vicinity.

How Do I Send, Read, or Reply To Text Messages with Android Auto™?

To maintain your focus on the road, Android Auto™ allows you to send, read, and reply to text messages using voice commands.

To respond to a message, touch the message notification or card, then tap “Reply” or the reply arrow. Alternatively, you can use your voice to reply to the latest message.

Simply say “Hey Google” or tap the microphone icon. You’ll be presented with reply options that you can tap to send, or you can speak to Google to compose a custom reply.

Apple CarPlay

An image of a connection between an iPhone and a Hyundai car
connection between an iPhone and a Hyundai car

Step #1: Get charged up and plugged in

Begin by ensuring your Apple device is fully charged and correctly plugged in.

If your Hyundai model has a higher trim, it might support wireless smartphone connections.

Alternatively, you can use an adapter to enable a wireless or Bluetooth connection for your iPhone.

Step #2: Make sure you’re connected

If you’re not connecting wirelessly, plug your iPhone into the USB port.

After plugging in, it will prompt you to connect to a new device, and you just tap on “Connect.”

Your iPhone will then ask if you want to allow Apple CarPlay® with your iPhone, and you select “Yes.”

Now, you’re connected, and you can go hands-free.

Step #3: Start using your device

The great thing about this setup is that you don’t need to touch your iPhone; you can simply use voice commands as usual.

For instance, say “Siri, I need directions to this hospital…” or “Siri, I need directions to this gas station…” or “Tell me directions to this address…”

Siri will handle it while you keep your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

You also get safe, hands-free access to your favorite music and audio apps like Spotify.

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