Does My Hyundai Have an Engine Immobilizer? Everything You Need To Know

An immobilizer is a system that prevents the car from starting if the key is not recognized by the car’s computer.

It is a security feature that can protect your Hyundai from theft.

Does My Hyundai Have an Engine Immobilizer?
Does My Hyundai Have an Engine Immobilizer? |

According to the web search results, Hyundai offers a free anti-theft software upgrade for some models that do not have push-button ignitions and immobilizing anti-theft devices.

You can check if your Hyundai is eligible for this upgrade by visiting the MyHyundai website or contacting your Hyundai dealer.

If your Hyundai already has an immobilizer, you may experience some problems if the key battery is low, the key chip is damaged, or the electrical wiring is faulty.

In that case, you may need to replace the key, repair the wiring, or reprogram the immobilizer unit.

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How to Protect Your Hyundai from Car Thieves

Car theft is a serious problem that affects millions of car owners around the world.

In recent years, Hyundai and Kia vehicles have become a popular target for car thieves, especially those without an immobilizer.

In this article, we will explain what an immobilizer is, why some Hyundai models lack it, what are the risks of having a Hyundai without an immobilizer, and what are the solutions for Hyundai owners without an immobilizer.

What is an immobilizer and how does it work?

An immobilizer is a device that prevents the engine from starting unless the correct key or fob is present.

It is a form of anti-theft system that makes it harder for thieves to steal a car.

An immobilizer works by sending a signal from the key or fob to the engine control unit (ECU), which then verifies the code and allows the engine to start.

If the code is not recognized, the engine will not start.

Why do some Hyundai models lack an immobilizer?

Not all Hyundai models have an immobilizer.

According to Hyundai, all of the company’s vehicles produced since November 2021 have an engine immobilizer.

However, some older models, especially those without a smart key, do not have an immobilizer.

This is because Hyundai and Kia did not install an immobilizer in some of their vehicles in the US market, due to cost and regulatory reasons.

As a result, these models are more vulnerable to theft, as thieves can easily start the engine with a simple device or a copied key.

What are the risks of having a Hyundai without an immobilizer?

Having a Hyundai without an immobilizer poses a high risk of car theft.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Hyundai and Kia vehicles accounted for 11% of all car thefts in the US in 2022, up from 4% in 2021.

The most stolen models were the Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Tucson, and Santa Fe, and the Kia Optima, Sorento, Soul, and Forte.

These models are often targeted by thieves who use a technique called the “TikTok theft challenge”.

Some thieves also use a copied key or a screwdriver to start the engine.

Once the car is stolen, it can be sold, stripped for parts, or used for other crimes.

What are the solutions for Hyundai owners without an immobilizer?

Hyundai and Kia have taken some steps to address the issue of car theft.

The companies have released a software update that adds an anti-theft feature to the ECU.

The software update is free and available for download from the MyHyundai website.

The companies have also offered impacted customers free steering wheel locks.

Additionally, the companies have started installing an engine immobilizer in all of their vehicles since November 2021.

However, these solutions may not be enough to deter all thieves.

Therefore, Hyundai owners without an immobilizer should also take some precautions to protect their cars.

Some of the recommended measures are:

  • Park the car in a well-lit, secure, and visible area.
  • Lock the doors and windows, and do not leave the keys or valuables inside the car.
  • Use an aftermarket alarm system, a GPS tracker, or a kill switch to enhance the security of the car.
  • Report any suspicious activity or attempted theft to the police.

Where is Immobilizer located in Hyundai?

The immobilizer is a system that prevents the car from starting if the key is not recognized by the car’s computer. It is a security feature that can protect your Hyundai from theft.

The location of the immobilizer may vary depending on the model and year of your Hyundai.

However, according to some sources, the immobilizer is usually mounted behind the crash pad close to the center cross bar.

The immobilizer communicates with the built-in transponder in the ignition key via radio frequency.

To access the immobilizer, you may need to remove the crash pad or the steering column cover.

You can find more details and diagrams about the immobilizer system on these websites.


Hyundai is a popular and reliable brand of cars, but some of its models are more prone to theft than others.

This is because some Hyundai models do not have an immobilizer.

Hyundai and Kia have taken some actions to address this problem.

By following these tips, Hyundai owners can reduce the risk of car theft and enjoy their vehicles for a long time.

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