Causes of “Check BSD System” Warning on Hyundai and quick fix

If your Hyundai is showing a ‘Check BSD System’ warning, don’t worry—it’s a common issue affecting the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system, a crucial safety feature.

Let’s explore what BSD is, how it works, and what might be triggering this warning on your dashboard.

Mechanic showing customer the problem with car
Mechanic showing a customer the problem with the car- Image by peoplecreations on Freepik

What is BSD in Hyundai? 

Blind Spot Detection (BSD) is a safety feature that uses radar sensors on the rear bumper to scan blind spots. 

It warns drivers of potential hazards in adjacent lanes, providing audio and visual alerts. 

While BSD enhances safety, responsible driving is still crucial.

What triggers the Check BSD System warning in Hyundai?

The ‘Check BSD System’ message can be caused by different factors.

Here are the common reasons and simple solutions:

  • Dirty Rear Bumper

Cause: Dirt on the rear bumpers is blocking radar sensors.

Solution: Clean your car thoroughly, especially the rear bumpers, using mild soap and water. Turn the BSD system off and on to check if the warning disappears.

  • Wiring Problems

Cause: Issues with wires connecting radar sensors to the vehicle’s system.

Solution: Inspect the wiring for wear or loose connections. Repair or secure any damaged wires.

  • BSD System Issue

Cause: internal problems with the BSD system.

Solution: Seek professional help, especially if your Hyundai is under warranty. Technicians can diagnose and replace faulty components.

  • Software Problems

Cause: Software errors or outdated software.

Solution: Contact your Hyundai dealer or service center to resolve software issues. They can update the software for proper sensor functioning.


The ‘Check BSD System’ warning in Hyundai data-preserver-spaces=”true”> can result from issues like dirty rear bumpers or wiring problems. 

Regular cleaning and basic troubleshooting can resolve some problems.

If the issue persists, seek professional help to ensure your BSD system functions correctly.

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