Are Hyundai Accents Good Cars? The Surprising Facts!

When you’re in the process of purchasing either a new or used car, the experience may seem like a series of challenging decisions.

Questions arise, such as whether you require the spaciousness of an SUV or the fuel efficiency found in a subcompact car.

The choice between manual and automatic transmission, and deciding if the standard features in the base model suffice, or if you need additional luxury specifications like a sunroof, Bluetooth, and Apple Airplay, further adds to the complexity.

From considerations like make and model to assessing the overall cost of ownership, there exists an extensive list of factors to contemplate.

While these aspects are undoubtedly crucial, the vehicle’s reliability is paramount.

If the car isn’t dependable, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself spending less time on the road and more time dealing with issues at the auto shop.

If you are currently contemplating the purchase of a Hyundai Accent, one of the initial questions on your mind is likely its reliability.

This factor holds significant importance, especially after considering safety features.

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Are hyundai accents good cars? The U.S. News recognized the 2021 Accent as the “Best Subcompact Car for the Money” and gave it a quality and reliability score of 90 out of 100 in their evaluation.
Image: Hyundai

Are Hyundai Accents Good Cars? Pros and Cons

Similar to everything in life, each car, including the Hyundai Accent, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Before delving into the negative aspects of the car, let’s first explore the positive aspects.

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Hyundai Accent Pros

  • Impressive factory warranty: The new Hyundai Accent is covered by “America’s Best Warranty,” featuring a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.
  • Good fuel efficiency: The 2022 model, equipped with a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine, achieved 33 mpg in independent Consumer Reports tests, providing commendable fuel economy.
  • Comfortable ride: Spacious interiors with roomy seats and a solid build contribute to a comfortable cruising experience on smooth roads.
  • User-friendly infotainment: Starting from the 2018 models, Hyundai Accent includes modern infotainment features like a 5-inch touch screen, a 4-speaker stereo, Siri Eyes Free, Bluetooth, and a USB port as standard.

Hyundai Accent Cons

  • Interior materials: While the Hyundai Accent lacks luxury, it employs hard plastics throughout its interior. Despite this, the overall aesthetic is acceptable.
  • Price point: Initially appearing reasonably priced with a starting MSRP of $16,645 for the 2022 model, the Accent may not offer the best value compared to other subcompact cars that provide more features for the money.
  • Cargo space: The Accent’s small size is reflected in its 13.7 cubic-foot trunk, which is comparatively smaller in the subcompact category. Limited legroom is another drawback.
  • Sluggish at high speeds: For highway driving, the Hyundai Accent’s engine may struggle at higher speeds, posing a potential concern for those seeking optimal performance. Additionally, noise has been reported as an issue.

Hyundai Accent Reliability Ratings

Hyundai Accent earns an impressive reliability score of 4.5/5 from RepairPal, ranking it fifth among 21 subcompact cars.

This rating is determined by the frequency and severity of component failures, with the Accent demonstrating considerably lower instances compared to the majority of other vehicles.

Hyundai Accent Common Problems

Regardless of a vehicle’s reliability, experiencing component failures is an unavoidable aspect of owning a car, and certain components are more prone to breakdown than others.

The Hyundai Accent commonly encounters two main issues:

No Sound from the Speakers

Non-hybrid editions of the Hyundai Accent might experience an abrupt cessation of sound from all speakers.

Although this can be quite inconvenient, it is fortunately attributed to a system bug rather than a component malfunction, and it can be resolved through a hard reset.

To execute a hard reset, disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery terminal for 15 minutes and then reconnect it.

The lower suspension/coil spring getting corroded due to road salt

In regions where winter roads receive significant salt treatment, the lower suspension/coil spring of the Accent may experience rust issues.

This has been a persistent issue for various Accent models, extending up to the 2010 version, typically manifesting around the 75,000-mile point.

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